075 - Venus Life, Sun Staring, Missing Space Gold


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With guests Ross Balch (@rossbalch / @scienceclubshow) and Dr Johanna Howes (@johmatrix). We discuss a number of recent science stories including Venus Life, and Missing Space Gold. We answer some questions about Sun Staring, and Lottery Calculating. You can find the Non-Peer Reviewed Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, PodBean, Stitcher, and most other podcast apps. But you can also find it here: SOUNDCLOUD: @nonpeerreviewed SPOTIFY: open.spotify.com/show/4o37t52r7SbEXvIyDKgyeO FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/NonPeerReviewed TWITTER: twitter.com/NonPeerReviewed RSS: feeds.feedburner.com/Non-peerReviewedPodcast

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