Chasing Flavor with Chef Dan Kluger


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NWP welcomes James Beard Award-winning chef Dan Kluger! In his debut cookbook, James Beard Award–winning chef Dan Kluger shares 190 recipes to help home cooks master flavor and technique Dan Kluger, a chef celebrated for his simple yet flavorful food, knows there’s more to mastering cooking than just following directions. So with each of the innovative, elegant recipes in his debut cookbook, he includes a valuable lesson that applies beyond the tasty dish. For example, master the art of mixing raw and cooked versions of the same ingredient while preparing a Sugar Snap Pea Salad with Manchego Vinaigrette. This is a very versitile cookbook! If you want receipe...brisket?...boom...brisket!...Vegetarian or vegan? got it! Want to up your knife skills? This is where you start! From homemade pantry items to vegetable mains, meats, and grains, this book is not just sophisticated recipes but a master class of lessons for more flexibility and innovation in the kitchen. Dan is widely regarded as one of the country's rising culinary stars and is known for his extraordinary skill at transforming simple foods into culinary masterpieces! Chasing Flavor is available now whereever books are sold. Buy Chasing Flavor and enjoy! Also, it makes a GREAT gift!

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