Episode 113: Nightmare Scenarios with Amanda Neely


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In this episode, we ask:

  • Do you ever spin out into the “WHAT IF…” conversations?
  • What happens to Bank on Yourself type policies when the world ends?
  • Is it the end of the world as we know it?
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  • How has Amanda Neely been a prepper?
  • What are the nightmare scenerios?
  • What happens in a zombie apocalypse?
  • Do you have water?
  • Do you have food?
  • What is more reasonable?
  • Are we living in a dreamworld economy?
  • What if Wall Street just crashed?
  • What if Wall Street dropped by 50% (like it has twice in the last decade)?
  • What happened in the great depression?
  • How did life insurance policy owners fare in the great depression?
  • What about stagflation?
  • Who had the liquid pools of cash?
  • Who received increases?
  • What about the market crashes of the 90s?
  • What about volatility?
  • What about the rings of a tree?
  • What about volume?
  • What about consistent, compounding of the dollar?
  • What about liquidity?
  • What if there was a run on the bank?
  • What if banks are closed?
  • How would you get money out of a policy if you can’t access a regular bank?
  • What about macro economic nightmares?
  • What about a decline in the dollar?
  • What happens to the value of a policy?
  • What happened in the last decline of the dollar?
  • How do things cycle?
  • What if the dollar gets replaced?
  • What did life insurance companies use before the U.S. dollar?
  • What is the legal tender where the contract is domicile?
  • What about a major bout of hyperinflation or deflation?
  • Why is inflation a problem?
  • What about massive lay offs?
  • What about changes in demographics?
  • Do you have flexibility with your premium?
  • What are the exit strategies?
  • Can you reduce your premium?
  • Can you stop the premium?
  • Is winter coming?
  • What about having fewer resources than your parents?
  • What about hyperinflation?
  • What happens to a policy in wild crazy inflation?
  • How does hyperinflation affect your income?
  • Who sets the federal interest rate?
  • What about paying the national debt with a higher interest rate?
  • What happens if the rates go high?
  • What about squatter’s rights?
  • What happens if contract law falls away?
  • What about the resources of a life insurance company?
  • What about gold? Would you like to view a historical gold chart?
  • What about social security and medicare?
  • How can you reach out to Amanda Neely?
  • Have you visited grandmaswealthwisdom.com?
  • Will the life insurance companies be the last domino to fall?

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