Nothing's On episode # 358 Hankstafarian


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This week we have a boat load of news, a few emails, the golden globes, and Jim reviews a movie that's not even out yet!!!! 1917 is in the number 1 spot, Mission Impossible casting, Golden Globe, Star Wars Clone wars coming, Ex Machina, Locke and Key, Devs, Snake Eyes, Warner Bros, Regal, Hawkeye is definitely, La Parka, American Horror Story, Harvey Weinstein,Lori Anne Loughlin,Thirty Something, Spenser Confidential, The Gentlemen, Bad Times at The Royale, Zoey's extraordinary playlist, Dracula, Soundtrack, follow Donny on Instagram @Donnysalvocomedy You can follow us on twitter : @NothingsOn123 This podcast is part of the TaylorNetwork which is a home to many great podcasts all available on taylornetwork feed on Spotify, Itunes, stitcher radio and also google play

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