Episode 37: Contributors to the Field of EMDR


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In this episode, Jen, Melissa and Bridger discuss how contributors of the field of EMDR have shaped their development as therapists.

Contributors to the Field of EMDR

Irene Siegel: The Sacred Path of the Therapist

Ana Gomez : EMDR Therapy and Adjunct Approaches

Jim Knipe: EMDR Toolbox – Theory and Treatment of complex PTSD and Dissociation

Joan Lovett: Small Wonders – Healing Childhood Trauma with EMDR

Ricky Greenwald: Intensive EMDR Model (Also discussed in Episode 19)

Phil Manfield: FlashTechnique.com to purchase the one day webinar

Elan Shapiro and Brurit Laub: R-Tep Protocol

2 day training through EMDR Professional Training 14 CES.

(Also discussed in Episode 22)

Robin Shapiro: Two Handed Interweave

Book: Section in EMDR Solutions & a follow up in EMDR Solutions 2.

(Also discussed in Episode 10)

Floatback Technique – Young, Zangwill, and Behary, 2002

(Also discussed in Episodes 23 and 26)

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