Aaron Parks: Don’t Let The Looking Get in the Way of the Seeing


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Today we speak with genius composer and pianist Aaron Parks, whose music is rich, sophisticated, profound, and wide ranging. A incredible philosophical and thoughtful human who drops so much wisdom, musings on life, and guidance on how we can maneuver through this chaotic world, his rich and learned background draws musical inspiration from Greek Mythology all the way to Thelonious Monk. We dive deep (even getting a little musically nerdy!) into our past collaboration and our upcoming EP release that was taken from our live performances in May of 2019. We will share previews of these yet-to-be-released tracks from the EP right here on the podcast, which present Aaron's music in ‘full technicolor’! We talk about how he is always looking for something, but also trying to simply see what is right there. We also discuss how limitations and confines are ways to spur creativity, and that imperfect symmetry can lead to new ideas or bring new life to original ideas.

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