Dennis Alves: Music is Everything, and Everything is Music


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From Leading the Boston Pops since the late 80’s to raising funds to support artists who lost all their work during the pandemic, Dennis Alves is an elevated leader in our field whose integrity, empathy, and desire to give his audiences amazing experiences, transcends music and permeates everything he does at Symphony Hall in Boston. His compassion for artists, musicians, conductors and his community at home, inspires him to “just do the job” of bringing the highest levels of orchestral art, collaborations and genre-bending music to his New England community.
This conversation is absolutely amazing! If you like orchestra lore, behind the scenes stories, and insights to the history of this incredible institution as much as I do, then you re going love this podcast!
His words are incredible insightful, super fun, and full of wisdom. For those who lead organizations and wish to learn from one of the industries absolute best, this podcast will certainly give you much food for thought. Dennis breaks apart his humble beginnings, guides us through his journey from trumpet player and substitute member of the Boston Symphony and Pops, to ultimately taking the reins of the Boston symphony and guiding its transition from John Williams to Keith Lockhart. Stories about Gershwin, Arthur Fielder and lessons on how being and staying relevant to your audiences fills this insightful dialogue. Plus, I’m just honored to have had this chance to speak Dennis, have Nu Deco receive his full encouragement and support, and finally share his beautiful words with you.

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