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Magda Giannikou is a musical and creative force! Gaining popularity with her band, Banda Magda, and touring with Snarky Puppy for years, her genius lies in her ability to create musical landscapes that paint pictures and bold universes her audiences always feel they can escape to. Oh and she sings in at least 5 languages!
As a composer who dreamed of writing film scores, she listened to movie soundtracks at the age of 10 while other kids were listening to pop songs, and was always searching for music that created environments and ways to escape. Escape not from her life or family who inspired, adored and nurtured her talents, but a creative and imaginary escape where the worlds were endless in their imaginative potential. In our in depth podcast we take a peek behind her creative curtain to learn how she visualizes everything as a landscape in her mind, where words are instruments, melodies are colors, and the song is the final painting. How taking chances both in personal and professional life can lead to extraordinary experiences. That orchestral composition and improvisation are essentially creative cousins, and instead of idolizing and being inspired by heroic musical giants, which she of course does, that it is everyday people and life experiences that gives her the greatest inspirations to create art.
Finally, we talk about her two experiences with Nu Deco, how we are a musical family now, and that finding Nu Deco was a dream come true in her quest to fulfill her aspirations of marrying composing for a full orchestra and creating new colorful worlds in songs that we all can enjoy, live in, and escape too.
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