OCBC Sunday Oct, 18, 2020: Punishment and Promise


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Series: The Faith and the Family: Punishment and Promise Psalm 78: 56-72 In recent decades something has been lost in the lives of the people of God-Family Worship. Throughout the Old Testament and even up to just a couple of centuries ago, the worship of God in the home was considered a crucial part of discipleship for everyone who loved God's word. Tragically, in a world that values specialization and outsourcing, the role of parents in the training of their children has been outsourced as well. Consider the counsel of Charles Spurgeon, "First, let us begin by emphatically declaring it is parents (fathers in particular), and not the church, who are given the primary responsibility for calling the next generation to hope in God. The church serves a supplementary role, reinforcing the biblical nurture that is occurring in the home. It is not the job of "professionals" at the church to rear the children of believers in the faith." Let's renew out commitment to worshiping God in our homes by examining Psalm 78 through the series, The Faith and The Family.

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