S2E18: Leigh Leigh - Property of the Clan


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One adolescent rite of passage where many of these key memories are formed - both good and bad - is parties. For many of us, parties during our teenage years often marked the many ‘firsts’ in a young persons’ life. The first time we could drive after getting our licence. Our first kiss. The first time we experiment with cigarettes, alcohol or harder drugs. For many teens, it’s their first encounter with sex. Unfortunately for some girls, that encounter isn’t always consensual, but instead traumatic. In those situations, we’d like to think that if we, or someone we knew, was raped or sexually assaulted at a party, the person responsible would be ejected and police contacted. Sadly, we know that in reality that doesn’t happen for a range of reasons. It’s cold comfort, but on those occasions, we hope that police will be contacted in the days following the attack, in an attempt to bring the assailant to justice.

But that can only happen if the survivor makes it home from the party in the first place.

Writer: Gemma Harris

CW: Rape, Extreme Sexual Abuse Involving a Minor

Sources: See Website

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