EXCLUSIVE - From Darfur to Khartoum: Inside the recruitment of Sudanese forced mercenaries


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EXCLUSIVE: Darfur, a region cut off from the world. A volatile area that still bears the scars of genocide. Many are looking for a better future elsewhere. A quest that led them to battlefields in Libya. Some were tricked. Others were trapped. All were forced to kill. MORE: From Darfur to the capital Khartoum, we've uncovered ruthless recruiting networks and spoken to those who risked a terrifying escape to break free from a conflict that isn't theirs. Abdelrazak went to look for gold. But he was kidnapped and sold to Libyan militias who forced him to fight alongside Khalifa Haftar's troops as they tried to get hold of the capital Tripoli. He ended up taking part in massacres similar to those that decimated his family in the early 2000s. Ayman signed a contract for a security job in the United Arab Emirates. But he landed in the Libyan desert where he received three months of intense military training, ranging from using Kalashnikovs, digging trenches and drafting battle plans. When his fellow recruit Abuelmuali tried to get an explanation from the recruitment agency, one employee almost ran us over with his car as we were filming. Sudan’s Soldiers of Misfortune is a documentary from the multi-award winning series Off The Grid. *At 4’08 it should read, 'What happened here has been described as the first genocide of the century'. Watch more episodes of Off The Grid here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUW304lJeu3VO2Ucasj8kk1NokTDcrSWQ #Darfur #Investigative #HumanTrafficking #Sudan #UAE

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