Active and Passive Lifeforms


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271. But in principle, acupuncture is very much more than just medicine because its ultimate goal isn’t just the healing of illnesses and sufferings or of any trivial discomforts of any kind, etc. but primarily to make the entire body as well as the consciousness and the psyche healthy and, basically, to allow no sufferings, discomforts, or illnesses to arise at all. 278. This energy flow, the all-animating cosmic electromagnetic life energy, creates the difference between the effective living and the non-living, so between what is moving and what is non-moving. 279. But in the case of the non-moving, there can be no talk of dying out or of Totem, as the Earth person erroneously designates this, for even the non-living, i.e. what is non-moving, is existent, as for example rock, stone, sand, and metal, etc.

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