Deeply Penetrating Light Vibrations, The Life Power or the Lebenskraft


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Contact Report 216 Line 163 - Without these light vibrations that penetrate very deeply into the Earth, the underground plants, as we call them, couldn’t prosper and couldn’t exist. Contact Report 216 Line 167 - And from the same light vibrations, from which the underground plants or plants of the dark draw their vitality, also the underground animals or animals of the dark benefit, including the fish of the dark and deep sea animals of every genus and species. Contact Report 216 Line 173 - If a person – and this is also true for animals – is lacking the absolutely essential light, then very negative disturbances and changes also occur in the hormonal balance, by what means, in turn, the immune system is strongly impaired in its strength and function. Contact Report 39 Line 76 - All thoughts radiate as tremendous forces and encounter the other life forms, which draw these towards themselves like magnets.

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