The Big Threat That is Coming


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There never has been an MRNA Vaccine approved for human usage. HPV is one of the viruses that is associated with cancer. Also hepatitis b is associated with cancer. A virus is a fragment of RNA. Our cells actually bring in these viruses and then the cell starts to reproduce in the way that cancer cells start to reproduce. Viruses can cause cancer by direct damage to the DNA, viruses can cause cancer by weakening the immune system. Viruses can disrupt the normal cell division in the human body. Safety is not the concern. The following are Vaccines that have caused health effects: SV-40 was in the polio vaccine this was around 1955-1963. This was a type of Simian (monkey) cancer that appeared.1976 The Swine Flu Vaccine which caused the Geonberay Syndrome in people that got the vaccine.In 1998 the hepatitis B vaccine caused multiple sclerosis people that got the vaccine.There was a meningitis Vaccine which caused the Geonberay Syndrome.The 2005 Swine Flu Vaccine which was rushed to market caused a lot of cases of Geonberay Syndrome. Dr. Fauci was the person that rushed this Swine Flu Vaccine back in 2005.There are a lot of third world countries that have stated Bill Gates has caused the deaths of many peoples. There have been hundreds of thousands of people hurt by vaccines over the years.

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