The Thoughts are Like Seeds


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In order to evolve the Creation creates the human spirit form. The spirit form evolves independently through the human beings material consciousness. Prior to entering into the human being for the first time, the spirit form is a totally neutral, Once the Spirit-form enters into the human being its goal is to collect wisdom, knowledge and love through countless reincarnations. Eventually the Spirit-form will merge back with Creation which help the creation further evolve. The following comes from the book called the DECALOGUE by Billy Meier. The creation is the being and the non-being of the life. It is the most immense mass of spiritual energy in the universe. It is spirit in its purest form and unmeasurable in its wisdom, knowledge, love, harmony and truth. It is something that is pure spiritual intelligence energy. The spirit us ungraspable for human beings. The creation prevails overall and stands in an unstoppable evolution. The creation is wisdom and love.

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