War With China and UFOs in Russia


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They saw a hatch open in the flying object as it hovered above a group of poplars and a gigantic being dressed in silver overalls and bronze colored boots appeared and scrutinized the surroundings. This being had no actual head, merely something like a hump between its shoulders. Within this hump three glowing eyes could be observed, with the eye in the center intensely glancing back and forth. When the being disappeared again within the craft the hatch closed and the flying device descended and approached with a loud drone. One meter (3 feet) above the ground, the brightly glowing craft stopped its descent and bobbed back and forth with swaying movements. Four landing pods descended from the object's undercarriage and rested on the ground. Now the spectators could clearly observe that the object was oval and egg shaped, approximately 15 meters (45 feet) long and 6 meters (18 feet) wide. On its side, the object had a mark that looked like an "H", whereby the crossbar looked like a Cyrillic "zh". The object also had hatches. When viewed from the front, from the pointed end, the UFO seemed to look like a globe.

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