Chasing Amy – ep 99 – 1997


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Well would you look at this morose *expletive deleted* right here. Smells like someone *expletive deleted* in your cereal. It's important to remember just how well-received "Chasing Amy" was back in 1997. Writer/director Kevin Smith followed his breakthrough debut "Clerks" with the then-ignored "Mallrats." Smith scaled back for a relationship drama about Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck), a goober of a young man who falls in love with a lesbian. But then the girl, Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams) dates him anyway and... yeah, we all know this premise doesn't sound too great in 2021. Despite its outdated vocabulary about the spectrum of sexuality, "Chasing Amy" does reach for some universal ideas about romantic love and how past relationships can influence current ones. Old Millennials hosts Tyler and Angela dive into their own history with "Chasing Amy" and how the movie works for those years (and years) removed from the awkwardness of dating life and new relationships. They also dissect the roller coaster ride of Ben Affleck's acting choices here (he hadn't quite honed his SAD AFFLECK mode yet), and whether or not Joey Lauren Adams ever had a chance delivering Smith's overwrought speeches. Say what you will about Ol' Silent Bob though, the man knows how to write hilarious dick and fart jokes. The Old Millennials also celebrate Jason Lee's complicated performance as Holden's roommate Banky, explore the "Jaws" scene, and spend a lot of time talking about those two BIG scenes, including the triumphant (and talky) return of Jay and Silent Bob. Oh, and Tyler loses focus and talks about "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" like it's the secret topic of this episode. It isn't. Also discussed on this episode: Judas and Black Messiah (2021) I Care a Lot (2021) Motherless Brooklyn (2019) The Great Dictator (1940) Funny Girl (1968) The Accused (1988) The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Reunion Special Raised by Wolves (TV series) Game of Thrones Fate: The Winx Saga (TV series) Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019)

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