Fast Five | Instacart, Instamart, or Instawarehouse?


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In the latest edition of the Omni Talk Fast Five, sponsored by A&M Consumer & Retail Group and Takeoff, Chris Walton, Anne Mezzenga, and Emma the Intern talk: – The absolute explosion in online grocery, particularly curbside pickup and third-party delivery – What to make of the rumor that Instacart is investigating warehouse automation (hint: it is not as nefarious as many people would want you to believe) – TikTok's new seller marketplace – Why Walmart's new BigCommerce partnership sounds cool but is really a big snore – And, just how ludicrous Kohl's activist investors sound when you look under the covers There's all that and more in this week's episode, including Brits pretending to be Brits in Farrelly Brothers' movies. To learn more about the A&M Consumer & Retail Group, visit: To learn more about Takeoff, visit:

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