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"Take The Leap" is the theme of this podcast, and no one has done that better than Kelly Kowal, Chief Platform Officer at Farfetch. Kelly didn't casually enter into a retail career, she dove into one. With courage and a "can-do" attitude, she began a journey in e-commerce running digital marketing at eBags.com. At the time, e-commerce was new to Kelly, so when she didn't know the acronyms people were using in the weekly status meetings, she showed up to the office at 5 AM before anyone else arrived, did her research, and figured it out. This persistence and determination took her to London and to her current role as Chief Platform Officer of Farfetch. In this podcast, Kelly shares her career story and how she and her team professionally and personally weathered the pandemic, all while refining and expanding the offerings Farfetch plans to bring to market in the coming year. You won't want to miss this interview, and be sure to stay until the end when Anne and Kelly plan their next retail conference concert escapades. Thanks to our sponsor, Parcel Pending. For more information about Parcel pending, visit ParcelPending.com

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