Baby Led Feeding


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As a new Mom, Kristen Brogan, Registered Dietitian at On Target Living is passionate about teaching other parents how to make eating an experience for their kids from an early age. What method of feeding is the best way to ensure you don’t raise picky eaters and how do you get your kids to eat healthy into adulthood? Here, Kristen teams up with Wendy Jo Peterson, author of Born To Eat and fellow dietitian to discuss an intuitive method of feeding babies from the very first bite. Born To Eat is a fantastic guide for understanding how to pair foods for adequate nutrition and growth.

“Born to eat is not just an approach to feeding using a baby led weaning style or self-feeding techniques—it’s a philosophy. We are born with an innate ability to eat and nourish our bodies.” -Born to Eat

You can follow Wendy Jo @Just_wendyjo and @borntoeatbook or find her book here.

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