Weekly News Roundup 5/15/20 (The end of the SAFT, the rebirth of seigniorage shares, halving recap) (EP.80)


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Nic and Matt cover the week's deals and news. In this episode:

  • Bitcoin full node count
  • Celo and the viability of seigniorage shares stablecoins
  • Telegram winding down their TON project
  • Why we think the SAFT window of opportunity is closed
  • Why the SAFT is just ICOs in a suit
  • Why the next global monetary asset will never be massively premined and disproportionately owned by VC funds
  • How the success of Bitcoin drove VC funds crazy
  • Stablecoins pass $10B
  • ErisX announces Ethereum physically settled futures
  • How futures contracts would handle contested hard forks
  • The importance of JPM banking Coinbase and Gemini
  • Our retrospective on the halving
  • What we're reading and listening to this week
  • Why we don't believe in space mining

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