On the Gold With Guest Chris Ralph Professional Prospector


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Chris Ralph Professional Prospector, Mining Engineer, Author and just one of the greatest people I have ever met in the Mining Industry, joined us to help you find gold.
Chris clearly states that you do not have to be a Mining Engineer or a Geologist to get on the gold that others miss. You just have to, Know somethings, be imaginative, creative and willing to put in the time. Oh and Lucky.
Chris's book "Fist Full Of Gold" is a must have for every level of prospector. In my opinion, I consider Fist Full Of Gold the "Best of the Best" and something you will refer to for years to come.
At the end of the Podcast we realized that we had missed a subject completely, "When to put down the Detector." Unfortunately a recording issue is delaying the release of this podcast. Just keep your eyes and ears open for that one, It is enlightening to say the least.
This is not an affiliate link, I truly believe that if you do not own Fist Full Of Gold, you need to order it now!

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