Chenoweth and Chev Wines - Epic Pinot Noir


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As you'll hear in today's podcast, the fertile wine growing region of Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, has been refered to as the Garden of Eden. It possesses more soil types than most wine regions in the world...if not THE most. When you factor in the fog and sunny days it's one of the best places to grow grow Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
My first guests are Charlie and Amy Chenoweth, who grow and make wine from their esteemed RRV vineyards. My second guest, winemaker Michael Browne - formerly of the cult wine brand Kosta Browne - also sources from their vineyards. Both Amy Chenoweth and Michael craft rich, delicious, full flavored wines. And the Chenoweth's are incredible when you make a reservation to taste within their picturesque Redwood Grove. You'll love their historic property in West Sonoma County. Hit Play for all the details.

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