OFD Podcast: Notre Dame football CROOTIN and a movie


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Josh, Jude, and Brendan are soaking up the social distancing life with no shirts, pajama pants, a bottle of back pills and bourbon (as a group effort). Following the governmental guidelines for these times, we sat down to talk about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. In this episode:

  • We pat ourselves on the back for an excellent game watch of the 09 battle against the Michigan State Spartans.
  • Jude gets pissed about the Notre Dame YouTube situation - if we don't get all the tapes.
  • We discuss the CROOTIN of Lorenzo Styles, David Abiara, and Greg Crippen.
  • The Herbstreit Prophecy.
  • Josh and Brendan pitch their movie ideas to Jude and we're ready to head to Hollywood.

And plenty more weaved in and out of the show.

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Go Irish!

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