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All the President's Minutes is a podcast where conversations about movies, journalism, politics and history meet. Each show we use the seminal and increasingly prescient 1976 film All The President's Men as a portal, to engage with the themes and the warnings of the film resonating since its release. For minute 48, I join film producer, storyteller, writer and award-winning producer of podcast Other Men Need Help, Mark Pagán. Mark and I talk about the pornographic quality of New Hollywood cinema, go "inside baseball" on the podcasting medium and the performance of masculinity in All the President's Men.

About Mark Pagán (via Other Men Need Help)

Mark Pagán is the host/producer of award-winning podcast Other Men Need Help, a film producer, storyteller, writer, educator, and former b-boy. His work and performances have been shown at festivals and shows worldwide including Slamdance Film Festival, Arizona International Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, Colorado Public Radio's On Something, Family Ghosts, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Charleston Comedy Festival, FRIGID Festival, RISK!, The Moth, Story Collider.

Twitter: @themarkpagan

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