033: The Truth Behind the Response, 'I’m fine.'


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In this episode, we’re going to explore the response “I’m fine!” “On average, we say "I’m fine" 14 times a week, but only 19% of us actually mean it. You know the experience: you’re walking down the office hall and someone casually says, “Hey, how are you today?” What is your instinctual response? Most people say “Fine, thank you. How are you?” And the response repeats itself. Why did that become such a common and acceptable response? It’s almost as casual as saying “hi.” We all say it; sometimes we mean it and sometimes we don’t. Today we will explore why it’s a popular response, why society views it as an acceptable answer, how we and the members of our team can have more honest, vulnerable relationships, and what we can do when we’re not fine. Welcome to episode 33 of One Next Step.

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