This COVID "Thing" is Out of Control, Patrick Timpone, May 15, 2020


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Show highlights: -Patrick shares the protocol his hairdresser has to go through in order to open up to service customers H.R. 6666 – You may want to look into that and please contact your congressmen Patrick has written a nice letter to his county Sheriff; you may use his as a template. Just email Patrick and he’ll send it to you; the county Sheriff’s job is to protect you and uphold the Constitution Pandemic, Plandemic:We really don’t know what’s going on. Will we ever? What do we know for sure concerning COVID-19? We know the testing is flawed; we also know that any death that even tests as COVID, gets listed as a COVID death regardless of other issues like cancer, heart disease. Even people who have been placed in hospice for other things, when they die, if COVID is present , it gets listed as a COVID death Can you really trust your hospital? There’s a lot of money in care even when it results in death The difference between a Republic and a Democracy Adhesion contracts: Think before you spend free government money Mark, in Mass., calls in to talk about placebo. If it works so well, why not just use placebo? As in vaccines, we’re thinking Patrick talks about using a supplemental protein called Grow-tein A caller from GA calls in to ask Patrick how he got into radio. He also wants to know how to build the microbiome of the gut. One idea is following Atom Bergstrom’s chronobiotic eating principles Robert calls in to pose more questions on the Aquacure machine which is on sale, by the way, for 20% off thru May 26, 2020 A listener lets us know how she has been healing since using the Aquacure: Hi Patrick, I have a massive scar from c sections and operations. There was a very thick keloid from it which I’ve had for over 40 years. I’ve been breathing the gas, applying it with the spot applicator ..and also Barbara Frank’s parasite lotions. Anyway, the keloid is noticably better. Will keep you updated. Lynn

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