Season #3 - Episode 065 - Self Compassion with Alice Nicholls


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This episode is one from the archives. A beautiful chat with Alice Nicholls from The Whole Daily. Recently, Alice has been blowing my mind on all things HEALTH. Especially around how she cultivates natural health for herself and her family and her beliefs, opinions and very well researched information on Covid-19. Considering this year - that is demanding so much of us in so many ways - I am certain so many of us are in need of alot of compassion. Both from the other and from the self. This chat explores that - the experience of self compassion as Alice sees it and lives it in her daily life. As a mama to two girls, an entrepreneur, health advocate Function Nutritionist and so much more. It’s so easy as a mama to feel compassion for others. Especially our children. And rightly so. But how easy do we find it to dish out some much needed compassion (non-judgment, forgiveness and love!) to ourselves. The truth is, you most certainly need it. A heft dose of it (compassion) will only serve to lift you up, heal you and allow you to show up in the best way possible. It's a refreshing conversation that shows how self compassion can be cultivated in small, subtle, daily ways. About Alice: Alice Nicholls is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Natural Health Educator and Leader with doTERRA Essential Oils. On a mission to empower women to rise up into their true potential in life by being their own conscious CEO’s, she’s also a visionary to support us all in choosing Natural Solutions FIRST for our physical, emotional and environmental health so that our future generations, ourselves AND ultimately, the world, are much better off. Mama to two little girls, a passionate meditator and big believer in positive self-talk and self-development you are going to be so inspired by her perspective on self-compassion. Connect with Alice For more information visit

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