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The Nuggets beating the Clippers might be the biggest upset in the 2020 NBA Playoffs. And with that, sparked a huge twitter feud between Tyler and Omar (if you know, you know). The first hour of this episode, Tyler and Omar go back and forth on the Clippers and Lakers roster. This might be the most heated and anticipated argument between the two hosts - you don't want to miss it! 00:25 - Tyler and Omar's long anticipated argument 21:30 - Breakdown of this Lakers roster 56:25 - Giannis winning back to back MVP's 57:24 - Does Kawhi deserve the backlash for losing Game 7? 1:02:34 - Ty Lawson and Danuel House scandal with women 1:10:24 - Russel Westbrook altercation with Rondo brother 1:16:22 - Tyler's Fade on Sight List Subscribe to the show for latest episodes on iTunes/Apple Podcast and Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/openinvitation Please Rate, Review and Like! Follow Omar on Twitter @OmarSarouli03 and IG @omarsarouli Follow TJD on Twitter @iTJD and IG @tyjodu

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