Episode 6: Learn How Integration and APIs are the Foundation of Intelligent Enterprises


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Welcome to openSAP Invites. I’m your host Elisabeth Riemann and in this episode, we talk to Dr. Harsh Jegadeesan about Integration and APIs to understand why they are the foundation upon which Intelligent Enterprises are built. We talk about use cases, integration building blocks and integration black belts; and learn about SAP’s strategy for integration. Harsh explains the most common integration challenges to us and presents the tools SAP provides to enable truly integrated and intelligent enterprises.


Dr. Harsh Jegadeesan
VP and Head of Product Management and Strategy for Integration at SAP SE.

Dr. Harsh Jegadeesan is Vice President and Head of Product Management and Strategy for Integration at SAP SE. Harsh helps global enterprises to craft and execute their API and Integration strategies in their journey towards an Intelligent Enterprise. Harsh has 20 years of varied experience in enterprise apps, platforms, data, and process management solutions. Harsh holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

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Hosted by Elisabeth Riemann – Senior Knowledge Consultant & Product Manager, openSAP

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