1450: [Part 1] How to Stay on Budget by Never Using This One Word by Nick True of Mapped Out Money


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Nick True of Mapped Out Money tells you how to stay on budget by never using one particular word. This is part 1 of 2.

Episode 1450: [Part 1] How to Stay on Budget by Never Using This One Word by Nick True of Mapped Out Money

Nick True is the founder of Mapped Out Money, where he helps you get a grip on your finances and take hold of freedom. His goal is to help you save more, live more, reduce debt, and get free. Mapped Out Money is for you if you want actionable steps to help get control of your money, you want to be free from money stress, you're ready to change your life and use money to support your dreams, and you don't want to settle for mediocrity.

The original post is located here: https://mappedoutmoney.com/budget-never-use-one-word-cant-vs-dont/

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