Low Carb Confessional... Mistakes, unlearning and learning in Ketoland | Ted Naiman


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It was SO much fun to finally get to chat Ted Naiman and discuss all that we've learned (and had to unlearn) over the last five years.

Ted has done heaps of interviews and podcasts about what he now believes, so I wanted to dig behind the memes to understand how he has changed what he believes.

We covered:

Why he now believes the Carb Insulin Hypothesis is dead.

What does insulin really do?

The Personal Fat Threshold

Energy Toxicity

Protein Leverage

Food quality

Nutrient density

The limitations of extended fasting.

The most common advice that he gives his patients that works every time.

Advice for someone just starting on their journey?

What Ted's daily eating routine looks.

Does Ted take supplements?

What are the top five foods you eat most often?

How do you motivate clients when they are not able to comply fully?

Thoughts on biohacking?

Ted's dreams for the future of nutrition.

I hope you have as much fun listening in as we did chatting.





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