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Today, Kipp Sorensen and I discuss winning the cultural war for masculinity, overcoming the need for approval, knowledge vs. wisdom, and so much more. Hit me up on Instagram at @ryanmichler and share with me what’s working in your life.


  • What are some tips to stay consistent in the gym?
  • What’s the best formula or strategy for writing a personal mission and vision statement?
  • What are your thoughts on learning how to skateboard as a skill?
  • How did having a second and third kid impact the relationship with your wife?
  • How can a boy who’s a student become a man in an environment where becoming a man is looked down upon?
  • What’s your favorite Jocko MULK flavor at Origin?
  • What’s your interest level in raising livestock and living off the land?
  • How does one in a close personal relationship deal with that person not fully supporting you?
  • How can a man deal with information overload when trying to better himself?
  • How can I create a stronger connection with people in my network?
  • What advice would you give to a first-time homebuyer?
  • What advice for someone starting out in life and a new career path?

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