Lisa Edgar, Top Tier Capital Partners


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Lisa Edgar is a Managing Director and member of the Investment Committee at Top Tier Capital Partners. She focuses on manager selection, due diligence and investment monitoring of Top Tier’s primary investments. Leveraging her 25 years of experience, Lisa is particularly interested in helping up-and-coming micro funds structure themselves for success in the future, including strategic fundraising, thoughtful portfolio construction, effective capital deployment and management succession.

Prior to Top Tier, Lisa was part of the asset management team at WR Hambrecht + Co focusing on new and emerging private equity funds. Before that, she spent ten years at Horsley Bridge Partners. Lisa began her career as an analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

In this episode, we discuss Lisa's unusual path into technology and investing, her work helping to build Horsely Bridge in their early years, and how she thinks about fund investing at Top Tier today, as well as building out their micro VC and international investing practices.

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