The Biscuit Factory Girls Elsie Mason, read by Joan Walker


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Click here to buy: Can Irene find a new home by the docks? Newly married to dashing RAF officer, Tom, Irene Farley leaves behind her safe countryside life to move in with his family by the docks in South Shields. Little prepares her for the devastation the Jerry bombers have wreaked on the Sixteen Streets or that they would be living under her mother-in-law's roof, alongside Tom's three brothers and two wives! Irene's only escape is her job at the local Wight's Biscuit factory packing up a little taste of home for the brave boys fighting for King and country across the channel. As the threat of war creeps ever closer to the Sixteen Streets, the biscuit factory girls bond together, because no one can get through this war alone... The perfect family saga to read this summer, set on the Newcastle streets that inspired Catherine Cookson's bestselling classic The Fifteen Streets, this is the brand new series for fans of Nancy Revell, Elaine Everest and Daisy Styles.

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