The Power In You by Henry Fraser, read by Richard Goulding, foreword read by Fearne Cotton


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Click here to buy: Get your questions about life ready, as Henry has the answers - FEARNE COTTON Henry Fraser is one of the most remarkable people I've ever met - J.K. ROWLING What a story of transformation, inner power and inspiration - JONNY WILKINSON 'Henry Fraser's positive outlook, perseverance and passion for life are nothing short of extraordinary. Much can be learnt from this remarkable man' DAILY EXPRESS Mouth artist, motivational speaker and author of the inspirational memoir The Little Big Things, Henry Fraser, explores the transformative power of acceptance in this motivational guide. Combining his wisdom and insight, Henry shows you that the key to keeping a positive attitude - in the face of difficult and unexpected challenges - is to accept that seemingly negative experiences, such as failures, disappointments, mistakes and misfortunes, are actually the ultimate markers of human success. Sharing the lessons he learned after a freak accident left him paralysed from the neck down, Henry shows us that setbacks are inevitable in life but defeat is optional. He will encourage you to always search for a new perspective if what you see, at first, seems only dark, limiting or frightening. He believes there is always a reason to be grateful. The Power of Acceptance inspires you to accept yourself and to release negative feelings towards things, situations or people that you have no control over and cannot change. Henry reveals the simple words you can say to yourself and the practical changes you can make to become someone who adapts to unpredicatble events and obstacles, and who accepts whatever hand they are dealt in this crazy game called life.

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