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Webcast no.9 released on 2019/03/24 In episode 9 of the OSINTCurious webcast we discuss:

  • An older but still very relevant article by theGrugq about influencing public opinions.
  • A new article by Brenna Smith (Bellingcat) about tracking cryptocurrencies.
  • Blog raising awareness about operations security in public by Matthias Wilson Chinese woman arrested carrying a USB stick with malware in Mar-A-Lago
  • The uprising of ‘deepfakes’ and the risk that involve this uprising for conducting OSINT research

And we have special Guest Chris Kucbecka, Author of two OSINT books. She tells us about the type of OSINT research she does and gives us a hands on demo on how to leverage valuable information from Censys.io.

People in this episode:

  • ▪ Micah Hoffman
  • ▪ Dutch Osint Guy
  • ▪ Ginsberg5150
  • ▪ Sector035
  • ▪ Chris Kubecka

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