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Webcast no.10 released on 2019/04/28

Watch on Youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOzrb__Zt0c

In episode 10 of the osintcurious webcast we discuss:

- OSINT tool - https://github.com/lulz3xploit/Little...

- FreshOnions Tor service goes up and down.

- DutchOsintGuy's blog post on OSINT Operational Security

- Ludo Block tweeted about Dustin Miller's outstanding Twitter Machine Learning thread for un-redacting content using Machine Learning.

- Defcon Recon Village CFP is now open for Las Vegas!

- Bellingcat article about Poway shooting and 8chan -

- Email validation web site

- Peabody award for BBCAfrica story on the killings in Cameroon

- Kenn White's tweet about Docker's breach and what is could mean for OSINT researchers

People in this episode:

▪ Micah Hoffman

▪ Dutch Osint Guy

▪ Sector035

Links to what was discussed can be found here: https://osintcurio.us/webcast/ #osintcurious #osint #opsec #pentest

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