20190519 OSINTCurious Podcast with Special Guest MWOSINT!


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Things we discussed in Episode 12:

  • A blog post about fighting the disinformation
  • The OSINT-Combine Social Lens, that lets you search in an area for posts by Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook
  • A new browser add-on for reverse image searches and in addition to that an archive search tool:
  • A good dark web search engine from the surface web
  • Shout-out to the @TheBADASS_army - that sounds like another great OSINT For Good group.
  • from @GIJN: How to pinpoint the location of persons of interest on @instagram, using the case study of fugitive Shahin Gheiybe, who is on the Dutch “Most Wanted” list
  • Shout-out to https://osint.team
  • Darkweb shakeup
  • https://iaca-darkweb-tools.com/ is back
  • Deepdotweb is gone - so is darkwebnews.com (but not seized?)
  • There is a news blog called https://darknetlive.com trying to fill that space.
  • FreshOnions seems to be back online, now with a v3 address: http://vps7nsnlz3n4ckiie5evi5oz2znes7...

People in this episode:

  • Kirby Plessas
  • Sector035
  • Ginsberg5150
  • Micah Hoffman
  • Dutch Osint Guy
  • and Special Gues MW-OSINT!

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