20190616 Episode 14 of the OSINTCurious Podcast


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Webcast no.14 released on 2019/06/16

In episode 14 of the OSINTCurious webcast we discuss:

Links to things we discussed:

IntelTechniques.com tools are now behind a pay wall

https://intelx.io/tools are similar to the tools that used to be on IntelTechniques.com

Facebook Graph Search changes

Pipl.com becoming paid only
Discussion on the OSINT community now having to step up their game in general. IntelTechnique tools are gone, Pipl.com is now paid, Facebook graph search is different. It all means that we need to re-focus and adjust.

Mozilla Paid Model - https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/10/18660344/firefox-subscription-paid-service-vpn-cloud-storage-release-date

Layer8 Wrap Up

Micah's Layer8 talk - 6, 10MinuteTip Videos and a blog post on his blog

Ginsberg ran TraceLabs.org OSINT CTF and they were successful

Next year conference continues to grow and evolve


@Bellingcat to release a 100+ page update report on MH17 this coming week

@noneprivacy's blog post on twint https://pielco11.ovh/posts/twint-osint/

Update on Invid https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fake-video-news-debunker/mhccpoafgdgbhnjfhkcmgknndkeenfhe

Ludo Block VPN thread - https://twitter.com/ludoblock/status/1137346804465446912



People in this episode:

Kirby Plessas

Micah Hoffman

Nico, Dutch OSINT Guy

Steve Harris (nixintel) - SPECIAL Guest!

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