Episode 16: news about Trace Labs CTF, reverse search for pixellated images, Intelx.io updates and CyberChef demo!


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Webcast no.16 recorded on 2019/07/14

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In episode 16 of the OSINTCurious webcast we discuss:

People in this episode:

  • Micah Hoffman (WebBreacher)
  • Ginsberg5150
  • Sector035 (Voice only)

Links to things we discussed:

TraceLabs.org – Global online OSINT CTF

The OSINT.Team site is back up (https://osint.team) with 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and SSO (Single Sign On) using either a Twitter or a Github account. A Patreon account exists for donations to keep this resource going (patreon.com/user?u=21892179)

@Y_vdw – Blog post on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram searching https://medium.com/@luga/finding-pict...

@s0md3v is a regular attendee of the webcast. He posted about reverse web search for pixelated images – https://medium.com/@somdevsangwan/deb...

BBC Africa OSINT on the Sudan massacre (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT IN THE VIDEO) – https://twitter.com/BBCAfrica/status/...

Micah was on the Recorded Future/Cyber Wire podcast and spoke about OSINT and the OSINTCurious project- https://www.recordedfuture.com/podcas...

David Mashburn (@d_mashburn) gave a talk on “OSINT: Not Just Offensive” at the SANS Blue Team Summit recently – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkIte... TraceLabs.org –

Listener Chris J. (@rattis) asked about our take on YouTube enforcing its restrictions on hosting “hacking” videos.

The IntelX.io site released some updates (v4) to their OSINT tools that are becoming similar to IntelTechniques’s old page.

Micah demoed using the amazing (and free!) CyberChef tool (https://gchq.github.io/CyberChef/) to decode Base64 encoded content and extract selectors from text

The 2020 SANS OSINT summit has been announced in Virgina, USA in February 2020 – https://www.sans.org/event/osint-summ...

Some Dutch OSINTians (their word…not ours 🙂 ) had the second #Docon in The Netherlands recently. They are going to try to make the next one open to the public https://twitter.com/dutch_osintguy/st...

Listener questions!

Self Promotion:

Sector035 is indexing the https://medium.com/week-in-osint posts.

Ginsberg gave shout outs to SecKC, OSINT.Team, and OSINTCurio.us

Micah will be in California for a bunch of time in the coming weeks teaching his SANS SEC487 OSINT class. Spaces are still available to join him in person!

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