Episode 17: Special Edition interview with the Trace Labs team after completion of the Global CTF


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Webcast no.17 recorded on 2019/07/21

People in this episode:

  • Micah Hoffman (WebBreacher)
  • Ginsberg5150
  • Sector035 (Voice only)
  • Kirby Plessas

Special Guests from Trace Labs

  • Adrian Korn
  • James Liolios
  • Robert Sell

Links to things we discussed:

In this special episode of the OSINT Curious webcast we interviewed three people from the Trace Labs organization that conducts regional and global online, OSINT Capture The Flag (CTF) contests.

Audience and Trace Labs member Rae wrote a blog post describing her experiences with the Global Online CTF: https://medium.com/@raebaker/finding-...

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