Episode 31: Jeff Lomas of BleuBloodHound, MWOsint demos the MSFT video indexer and more...


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People in this Episode:

  • Micah Hoffman (WebBreacher)
  • Dutch_Osintguy
  • Matthias Wilson (MwOsint)
  • Nixintel
  • Sector035
  • Special Guest: Jeff Lomas (@BleuBloodHound)

Links to what we discussed:

Skills Demo:

Matthias a.k.a MWOsint – https://keyfindings.blog/2020/03/08/using-the-microsoft-video-indexer-for-osint/ demo

Self Promotion:

  • Dutch_OsintGuy added new events to his website for several trainings and workshops https://dutchosintguy.com/events-and-blogs/
  • Dutch_Osintguy : Workshop understanding Google’s search results and advanced searching techniques workshop (Dutch language only) together with Aware Online. March 20th in Amsterdam. https://www.aware-online.com/workshop-google-voor-gevorderden/
  • Micah (WebBreacher) has multiple SANS SEC487 live classes (https://sans.org/sec487) coming up in the coming months and is looking forward to the GIAC GOSI OSINT certification (https://giac.org/gosi) moving into beta testing in April.

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