Episode 32: Chris Poulter from OSINTCombine talks tools and debuts one during the webcast! Also: disinfo during the COVID-19 crisis and more...


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People in this Episode:

  • Micah Hoffman (WebBreacher)
  • Nico (Dutch_Osintguy)
  • Matthias Wilson (MWOsint)
  • Nixintel
  • Lorand Bodo (Lorandbodo)
  • Rae Baker (wondersmith_rae)
  • Kirby Plessas (kirbstr)
  • Special guest: Chris Poulter (@osintcombine) and more info on https://www.osintcombine.com/

Links to what we discussed:

  1. https://www.reuters.com/manipulatedmedia
  2. https://firstdraftnews.org/latest/fake-news-complicated/
  3. http://verificationhandbook.com/
  4. https://disinfo.quaidorsay.fr/encyclopedia
  5. https://toolbox.google.com/factcheck/explorer

Self promotion:

  • Micah’s SEC487 course has moved to CyberCast format. 6 full days of online OSINT learning streaming to you via GoToTraining. Classes https://www.sans.org/course/open-source-intelligence-gathering#type-cybercast
  • Rae speaking at layer8 about Martine OSINT
  • Kirby has webinars almost every Thursday at https://academy.plessas.net and has moved all custom training seminars online. Also check out our curated and commentated subscription news feed
  • Interested in fighting mis and disinformation around COVID19? Then join the Slack channel. DM Lorand on Twitter for more info

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