Asher Rapkin (Collective Horology) on creating communities and collaborating with Urwerk


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Today's guest is none other than Asher Rapkin. By day Asher is a marketer for Facebook, but by night he's the co-founder of Collective Horology, a community of watch lovers held together by collaborative watches. The latest collab just launched, and it's the very cool, out-of-this-world Urwerk UR100-V P.02 for Collective. We chat to Asher about what inspired this watch, as well as get into the nuts, bolts and balance sheets as to how a limited edition is made, from working out quantities to design tweaks. We also find out why Collective exists in an age when Instagram and other platforms have made finding watch enthusiasts easier than ever. Another unique aspect about Collective is that it's quite small, private, and you can only join through an 'application process' — something that Rapkin admits still makes him roll his eyes. So if you're curious about Collective, love Urwerk or just want to hear Felix go on about his favourite conspiracy theory, you've come to the right place.

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Show notes:

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  2. Wind of Change podcast
  3. Big Timber trailer on Youtube
  4. Collective Horology
  5. The Urwerk UR100-V P.02 for Collective
  6. The complete Calvin and Hobbs on Amazon
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