Blake Buettner (Worn & Wound) on value, the micro scene and Grand Seiko’s growing pains


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Today’s guest is Blake Buettner, watch media veteran and Managing Editor of Worn & Wound. Given his day job at the leading value-driven watch site, we naturally spend a lot of time chatting about what a value watch looks like in 2021 and whether or not a watch with four or more zeros in the price tag can be ‘value’, On a related note we cover off the state of the micro-brand scene, and dive into two of the watch enthusiasts traditional darlings, Seiko and Grand Seiko, and what their rapid growth and changing focus (epitomised by the White Birch) means for the brand. We also find out how Blake is — indirectly — responsible for getting Andy into mechanical watches, what really makes for a daily wearer and the joy of clacky keyboards. All that plus Andy and Felix go hands-on with the Apple Watch Series 7.

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Shownotes -

  1. Apple Watch Series 7
  2. Susan Kare, pioneering artist and designer
  3. You Season 3 trailer
  4. Maurice Lacroix Simon Nogueira x Aikon Urban Tribe
  5. Blake Buettner on Instagram
  6. Worn & Wound on Instagram
  7. Worn & Wound
  8. The Scout mindset by Julia Galef
  9. Sean Carroll’s Mindscape Podcast



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