Bret Curry on taking the perfect wristshot for Hodinkee Mag and photographing Megan Fox!


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Today’s guest is cinematographer and photographer, Bret Curry. Bret knows his way around a watch, both on the wrist and behind the lens. Curry has worked with names like Eli Roth and Ryan White, on projects for National Geographic, AMC and Apple TV. We talk to Bret about his early wristwatch loves, and how, as someone who needs to keep an eye on the time and often has his hands full at work, a good watch is more than just a fashion accessory.

We also asked Bret to break down the details of an incredible shoot he did for Blancpain at Death Valley. Beyond watches, we get some insights into shooting portraits of famous people, and honing your skills and aesthetic in an Instagram age. Andy also talks a surprising amount of smack about Armie Hammer, and Felix unwittingly institutes ‘Mailbag Mondays’.


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