Cameron Barr (Craft + Tailored) Vintage Watch Expert, Porsche Enthusiast, Leica Shooter.


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Cameron Barr, the founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based watch retailer Craft & Tailored makes his living in the cut-and-thrust world of vintage watch dealing, from selling high-end vintage staples from Rolex, through to less commercial (though no less cool) oddities like Ikepod, quartz Patek and the (in)famous Watchco Omega Seamasters.

And, just because, we get Cam to drop his hot takes on the best vintage (and neo-vintage) watches to buy now, as well as his top tips on buying vintage. Warning — we go deep into the reference numbers. And because Cam is a man on the coal face of vintage watches, we can’t not ask him some pointed questions about pricing, what’s hot, what’s not and if bubbles ever burst.

This episode is brought to you by Longines, who launched the outstanding Spirit collection earlier this year. Find out more about the Longines Spirit here, and stay tuned for Andy and Felix’s reviews in upcoming episodes of OT: The Podcast.

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Click here full show notes:

  1. The Candy Green
  2. The Bamford GMT
  3. The Halios Fairwind
  4. The Seiko SPB 147 (Not SPB 149 as Felix wrongly said)
  5. The anOrdain Model 2
  6. The Longines Heritage Marine Nationale
  7. Craft + Tailored
  8. Craft + Tailored on Instagram

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