Edouard Meylan (H. Moser) on the brand's new releases and direction for 2021 plus the Tudor 58 in bronze


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This week Andy goes on a solo mission, chatting to Edouard Meylan, the charismatic and thoughtful CEO of H. Moser. From how the Meylan's acquired the legacy brand and what the future holds, through to the importance of community in brand building, we quickly learn that Moser does things a little different.

Nowhere is that more apparent than with their periodic campaigns poking fun at the wider industry. From watches made of Swiss cheese to the masterful parody that is the Alp Watch, Moser isn't afraid of being bold. But behind the sometimes polarising pranks, there's always a purpose: standing up for what you believe in, a trait that makes Moser the brand they are today.

It's not all Moser talk though, before the interview, Felix and Andy talk about just how wild it is that Tudor has a brand-new stand-alone boutique in Melbourne, something unimaginable a few years ago. Plus, some top-line thoughts on the new Black Bay Fifty-Eight in bronze.

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Show notes: https://www.otpodcast.com.au/show-notes/s2e37

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