Wesley Smith (Standard H), Andy wears an Apple Watch for the first time ... and loves it!


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If you listen to OT: The Podcast, there’s a good chance Standard H has come up in your ‘recommended’ list, after all, Wesley Smith’s podcast has a healthy dose of watches, and a few familiar alumni.

And while you might think that Standard H is going to be all about cars, its really about clothing, community and entrepreneurship. We chat to Wesley about how the podcast was built as an offshoot of his clothing label, what he’s learned from interviewing so many exceptional individuals and who his white whale dream guests are. And of course, we also talk watches, from great players in the indie scene to grey market shenanigans.

And speaking of shenanigans, Andy has finally worn a watch with a Bluetooth connection, and, perhaps even more surprisingly, he’s been wearing it solidly for the last month.

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This episode is brought to you by Longines, who launched the outstanding Spirit collection earlier this year. Find out more about the Longines Spirit here, and stay tuned for Andy and Felix’s reviews in upcoming episodes of OT: The Podcast.

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